Commanding Officer of PCU SOUTH DAKOTA: Commander Craig L. Litty
Executive Officer of PCU SOUTH DAKOTA: LCDR Charles C. Gallagher, USN
Chief of the Boat: YCOB-HMCS (SS/FMF) Adam N. Goulas, USN

PCU SOUTH DAKOTA (SSN 790) will consist of 132 Navy personnel: 14 officers and 117 enlisted servicemen. Each and every serviceman is committed to preserving the name of South Dakota. It means a lot to the crew to know that over 800,000 South Dakotans stand with them as they bring the USS SOUTH DAKOTA (SSN 790) to life.

PCU SOUTH DAKOTA (SSN 790) was organized in the summer of 2015. Stationed at Submarine Base New London and currently consisting of 132 officers and crew, PCU SOUTH DAKOTA (SSN 790) is in the process of training and preparing to staff the USS SOUTH DAKOTA (SSN 790) for sea trials and commissioning.


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